Japanese Steel Knives

Ergonomically designed
for cutting perfection

Orient knives are ergonomically designed and made to feel intensely special in the hand of their owner.
Perfect balance, control and cutting power.

Why Orient?

We drive the finest worldwide production techniques and fuse ancient, historical and sublime knife-making craft with western ergonomic ‘touch point’ technology. We proudly deliver what we believe are the finest, balanced, elite fusion chef’s knives in the world.


 The Orient Fusion Series knives are hand crafted from premium Japanese Aichi AUS8 steel for exceptional cutting performance, edge retention and stain resistance. The knives then fuse best-practice ergonomic design featuring the Orient Ergo-Grip™ handle, a diagonal bolster and a unique central balance zone for dynamic weight distribution.


The professional grade AUS8 Japanese steel is already well known for its durability and supreme sharpness. The Fusion series goes on to include an exquisite hand-made hammer finish in the surface of the blade. The anti-drag air pockets that form as part of the pattern break the vacuum effect that can cause dense foods to stick to the blade thereby improving cutting performance in fast use.


Fusion Series knives are sharpened to form an optimum 13-15 degree V-Ground edge. The razor like performance will endure through demanding use allowing this premium tool to stay sharper for longer.

Fusion Series Chef's Knife Icons

The Orient Damascus Series Knives are hand crafted from Japanese Takefu VG-10 superior steel for exceptional edge retention and long lasting cutting performance. This exclusive kitchen tool is ergonomically designed featuring the Orient Ergo-Grip™ handle, a diagonal bolster and a unique central balance zone for dynamic weight distribution.


The VG-10 superior steel core is protected with 66 layers of high carbon SUS410 Japanese steel blending extreme hardness and resistance to corrosion. The blades are then hand polished to reveal the iconic Damascus pattern, authentically derived from the intricate layers in the steel. The beautiful Damascus detailing can be traced back centuries to traditional handmade Japanese Samurai swords.


The fully finished, ultra-strong military grade G10 fibreglass handle features a robust triple rivet bond construction and in completed with an intricate central mosaic rivet and counterbalanced end cap.

Damascus Series Chef's Knife Icons



All of the team have tried the knives. All of the knives are great, the 8 inch Chef’s Knife is a really fantastic product. The product and packaging are simply outstanding.

Luke Fouracre, Michelin Star Chef
The Bottle and Glass Inn, Henley-on-Thames